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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dixie Salad

3-4 Pomegranates
3-4 apples
1 cup raisins
1-2 cups cool whip
Wash pomegranates well.
Cut in half down center.
{not through the flowered end}
Hold half of pomegranate upside down in hand.
{so that seed side in facing palm but not touching palm}
Knock the bottom of pomegranate with a spoon so that seeds fall out into palm.
{you should probably do this over the bowl that you are going to mix in}
Pull any skins out.
Finish with the rest of the pomegranates.
Wash apples.
Cut top and bottom of apple off.
{this makes peeling WAY faster}
Peel with a paring knife.
Cut into small bite size chunks.
Mix all ingredients together in a serving bowl.

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