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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Girls Birthday Cake

My daughter loves Hannah Montana.
For her birthday I decided that I would attempt to make a guitar cake.
First I went on line and found a guitar I liked.
Then I blew it up in a word document and cut off the base of the guitar.
Next I mixed up a white cake mix and added green food color,
which happens to be her favorite color.
I then poured it into a well greased and floured standard size cookie sheet and baked it.
Next I took the guitar base that I had cut out and laid it on top of the cake,
as close to the bottom as I could.

I then lifted out all of the pieces that I didn't need.

Next I covered a piece of cardboard with tinfoil.
Then I cut the cake into sections,
so that it would be easier to transfer,
and laid it on to the cardboard.
(I decided that I wanted the cake to be a bit thicker,
so I mixed up another cake mix and added a second layer to the base.
I also needed to top of the 2nd cake to make the top of the guitar proportionate to the base.)

To make it easier to frost and not make a mess on the tinfoil,
I slipped white computer paper underneath of the edges of the cake.
First I frosted the top, then the sides.
I used purple dum dum's for the tuners,
twizzler's pull and pill for the string,
and white good and plenty candies for the bottom of the strings.
There you have it.

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