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Friday, November 5, 2010

Grandma Belle's Spaghetti

I love this spaghetti.
My mother fixed it for her kids and her mother fixed it for her.
It has good memories attached to it but it is also VERY good!

1 lb. {16oz.} spaghetti, cooked and drained
1 lb. lean hamburger
1 green pepper, chopped
1 med. onion, chopped
1 can corn, drained
1 can cream of mushroom soup, undiluted
1 can tomato soup + 1 can water
1 quart tomatoes {or 2 cans diced tomatoes + 1 can of water}
1/4 C. sugar
1 T. chili powder
½ t. oregano
onion salt, salt and pepper to taste
Cook spaghetti according to directions.
While noodles are cooking, brown hamburger with green pepper and onion in a large pot or kettle.
all other ingredients and simmer together for 10 minutes on low.
Add in spaghetti noodles and mix well.

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